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Air Free 45
Air Free 45
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The Air Free 45°

 The new Air Free 45°  handpiece features superior torque for smooth cutting without bog down, a long lasting titanium coated stainless steel shell and also offers practitioners the capability of working with a completely air-free oral cavity. See below for details.





22 Watts of Power

Capable of extreme power, delivering over 20 watts of constant torque for consistent cutting power even under the heavy load conditions that often occur while sectioning 3rd molars. The patented chuck design works to grip the bur tighter as the RPMs increase to minimize the risk of bur slippage and ensure patient safety.
  Surgical: Air Free Oral Cavity Unlike most conventional surgical handpieces on the market, the Air Free 45° does not allow any air escape in the head of the handpiece. All air is exhausted through the backend for safer molar extraction.
  Titanium Coated Stainless Steel This titanium coated stainless steel shell provides scratch, stain, and corrosion resistance for durability and longevity.



Hear it straight from the doctor:



                 "Simply Amazing"                                                                                    
"Simply amazing! Having a wonderful patient experience is very important for our practice, so patient comfort is paramount. I've tried the Medidenta Air Free Handpieces and found absolutely no air coming from the head of the unit--zero sensitivity. It basically creates a situation where the dust does not go anywhere and just slowly rises off the tooth directly into the highspeed suction.  The days of having to barricade the patient's nose/mouth to prevent dust from going everywhere are over because there is no air to make a mess. A bonus is that I am able to clean the adhesive from the teeth for a complete braces removal without pausing due to cold air sensitivity.  It was the same efficiency for Invisalign cases at the end of treatment for removal of attachments.  It saves a minute or two on the average case, and should save 5-10 minutes on patients who have cold air sensitivity. On a side by side comparison, the patients also report that it is has a much smoother feel on their teeth than generic handpieces.
I've used generic air free "surgical" 45-degree angle Handpieces and was underwhelmed.  There was less air, but still about 50-60% of the air coming from the head of the handpiece making the patient's teeth sensitive.
My summary for the Medidenta Air Free Handpieces: No sensitivity, less mess, much smoother feel to the patient, and extremely efficient. "

David A. Chenin, DDS, MSD

Board Certified Orthodontist                                           



Special thanks to Dr. Chenin for such an in-depth review on the Air-Free.






             Air Free 90° Standard Head Air Free 90° Power Head

Air Free 45°

  Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
  Power 18-20 Watts 20 Watts 22 Watts
  Speed (RPM) 400,000 400,000 400,000
  Weight 69.8g 71g 69.8g
  Optics No No No
  Head Height (mm) 13.6 14.0 13.6
  Head Diameter (mm) 10.61 12.3 10.61
  Bur Length Standard Standard Surgical 
  Coupling Type 4-Hole 4-Hole 4-Hole

Air-Free 45 Instructions for Use