Atom Series

ATOM (Fiber Optic)
ATOM (Fiber Optic)

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The Small and Mighty ATOM with Fiber Optics


The Atom micro-head highspeed offers a lightweight and slim body design. Which allows for easy access to hard to reach areas with superior visibility and accessibility without compromising comfort. Delivering 16W of power the Atom allows you to cut smoothly and confidently without the loss of torque, elevating the Atom to the highest level of performance within its class of micro-head highspeeds. See below for more details. 


          Ultra Light, Quiet and Powerful 
 Offering an impressive 16.5 watts of power allowing you  to cut smoothly and confidently without any loss of  torque
 Micro head measuring 11mm by 10.2mm makes the  Atom ideal for a smaller mouth. Provides superior visibility and accessibility. 
 Slim body design and weighing only 1oz the Atom is  designed to fit comfortably in all hand sizes. 

Warranty 1 Year 

Power  16.5 Watts 

Speed (RPM)  420,000

Weight  29g 

Optics  Yes 

Head Height (mm) 11

Head Diameter (mm) 10.2

Bur Length Standard or Short Shank

Coupling 5 Hole