CDC Atom Support Bundle
CDC Atom Support Bundle

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In 2016, the CDC issued additional Guidelines for Infection Control, which contains the most up-to-date infection prevention recommendations and expectations for safe care in dental settings. Handpieces are specifically mentioned in the following statement:
“Dental handpieces and associated attachments, including low-speed motors and reusable prophylaxis angles, should always be heat sterilized between patients and not high level or surface disinfected. Although these devices are considered semi critical, studies have shown that their internal surfaces can become contaminated with patient materials during use. If these devices are not properly cleaned and heat sterilized, the next patient may be exposed to potentially infectious materials.”1

Medidenta Is here to Help you with this all new CDC Support Bundle for a Limited time. You will get a Meditorque Elite 3 Piece Kit (25K) AND an Atom handpiece all For one Low price of $699.99. 


 **This is a special offer and cannot be combined with any other offer **


Meditorque Elite 3 Piece Kit (25K) Details:


The Meditorque Elite lowspeed line is a new addition to the Medidenta catalog that can provide your office with consistent power and performance over a longer period of time. 

Our goal is to provide reliable, everyday, workhorse handpieces capable of excelling at any task you require for your procedure.
Atom Handpiece Details:

The Atom micro-head highspeed offers a lightweight and slim body design. Which allows for easy access to hard to reach areas with superior visibility and accessibility without compromising comfort. Delivering 16W of power the Atom allows you to cut smoothly and confidently without the loss of torque, elevating the Atom to the highest level of performance within its class of micro-head highspeeds. See below for more details. 


What's Included:

Meditorque Elite 3 Piece Kit:
  • 1 Meditorque Elite 25K Motor
  • 1 Meditorque Elite 40K Swing Latch Contra Angle
  • 1 Meditorque Elite 40K Nose Cone
  • Made in Japan


  • 1 Atom Handpiece


Meditorque Elite 3 Piece Kit (25K) Specifications:


Rpm:25,000 (with variable speed ring - forward and reverse)

Accepts:E Type Contra Angle, E Nose Cones


Warranty:1 Year



-----(1:1) Nose Cone

Max Rpm: 40,000


Accepts:Lab Burs, Doriot Contra Angles, Prophy Angles

Bur Insert / Release:Twist Chuck


Warranty:6 Months



-----(1:1) Contra Angle w/ Swing Latch Head

Max Rpm: 40,000


Accepts:Right Angle [Latch] Burs / Files

Bur Insert / Release:Swing Latch


Warranty:6 Months




Atom Specifications:


1 Year

Power  16.5 Watts

Speed (RPM)  420,000

Weight  27g 

Optics No 

Head Height(mm)11

Head Diameter (mm)10.2

BurLengthStandard or Short Shank 

CouplingType 4-Hole



1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings: Basic Expectations for Safe Care. Atlanta, GA: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Dept of Health and Human Services; October 2016.