Foresight SGL

Foresight 45 (Surgical) SGL
Foresight 45 (Surgical) SGL
  • Model: FS-45S

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                           Built-In Mini Generator The micro generator embedded inside the handpiece activates a bright LED light when air flows through the handpiece. The direct LED light is located on the face of the handpiece, allowing the light to cover a large area.
  Direct LED Illumination With bright LED optics pointed directly into your procedure site, the Foresight  will illuminate the surgical pocket better than any headlamp or loupe  on the market.

22 Watts of Power





Capable of extreme power, delivering 22 watts of constant torque for consistent cutting power even under the heavy load conditions that often occur while sectioning 3rd molars. The patented chuck design works to grip the bur tighter as the RPMs increase to minimize the risk of bur slippage and ensure patient safety.
  Surgical: Air Free Oral Cavity Unlike most conventional surgical handpieces on the market, the Foresight 45 does not allow any air escape in the head of the handpiece. All  air is exhausted through the backend for safer molar extraction.
  Titanium Coated Stainless Steel This titanium coated stainless steel shell provides scratch, stain, and corrosion resistance for durability and longevity.





Foresight 45



(Non Surgical,

Power Head)


(Non Surgical,

Mini Head)

  Warranty 1 Year 1 Years 1 Year
  Power 22 Watts 20 Watts 18 Watts
  Speed (RPM) 400,000 330,000 400,000
  Weight 69.8g 71g 69.8g
  Optics Built In Generator Built In Generator Built In Generator
  Head Height (mm) 13.6 14.0 13.6
  Head Diameter (mm) 10.61 12.3 10.61
  Bur Length Standard / Surgical Standard Standard
  Coupling Type 4-Hole 4-Hole 4-Hole

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