Rotary Files

G-Files (Glidepath)
G-Files (Glidepath)
  • Manufactured by: Micro-Mega (France)

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Glide path development is an essential but time consuming step in endodontic treatment. G-Files are based on an innovative design to help the clinician safely save time in endodontic procedures. Along the length of the instrument, the G-File has cutting edges in 3 different radiuses leaving a large area for upward debris removal.



  • Superior Flexibility: due to their small instrument diameters and slight taper
  • Electro-polished: to optimize their efficiency in apical progression while aiding in upward debris removal
  • Enhanced circulation: of the irrigation solution beginning from the initial phase of treatment.
  • Any NiTi System: The G-Files can be used in combination with any other NiTi system







Lengths Available: 21mm, 25mm, 29mm

Size & Taper:

  • G1 - .03 Taper / Size 12
  • G2 - .03 Taper / Size 17

Rotation: Rotary

Files Per Package: 4  (Assorted and identical available - choose below)

File Type: Right Angle [Latch]

Material: Nickel Titanium (NiTi)

Autoclaveable: Yes





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