Micro-Mega & Medidenta - A 50 Year Relationship

Micro-Mega and Medidenta have paved the way for modern endodontics since 1966. Since that time, both companies have worked closely together to bring about unique improvements in the way doctors conduct endodontic therapy. 
As Micro-Mega innovates new solutions for endodontists, Medidenta stays in the front lines communicating directly with the doctors to obtain a true and accurate market response. This allows the companies to make modifications based on exactly what doctors request and create the best solution possible.
In 1969, Micro-Mega introduced the first endodontic reciprocating handpiece that changed endo forever. The Giromatic reciprocating handpiece turned endodontics to automation for the first time, saving doctors countless hours and a great deal of hand fatigue.
Continuing their innovation, Micro-Mega introduced the MM324 6-speed endo motor which offered  power, precision, and versatility for many types of endodontic procedures.
But they didn’t stop there, Micro-Mega then went on to enhance the way doctors cleanse and shape root canals with the Sonic MM1500. The MM1500 is still unmatched in the versatility and effectiveness of cleansing the root canal system.
Micro-Mega is currently focusing innovation on endo files used for different stages of the RCT. A few of these innovations include the Revo-S 3-file system, One Shape single system, One G glide-path file, and One Flare coronal flaring file.
Even with all these innovations under our belt, we certainly don’t plan to slow down. Expect many more innovations coming from Medidenta and Micro-Mega in the coming years. We welcome you to join us on our journey, together we can change endodontics forever.