Rotary Files

  • Manufactured by: Micro-Mega (France)

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ONEFLARE® is a heat-treated new generation sterile Nickel Titanium flaring instruments for multiple use. 

Safe Progression
  • One efficiently allows for easier centering of the hand file used for glide path. 
  • By Facilitating the straight line access to the middle and then to the apical third, the risk of fracture for the succeeding instruments is limited. 
Elimination of the Interferences at the root canal entrance
  • The Opening of the root canal through a selective brushing action of the instrument:
    • Exposes the canal entrances.
    • Reduces the risk of shaping instruments snagging on canal walls during insertion. 
Sterile Instrument for multiple use
  • High quality dental care and root canal treatment
  • The new standard for dental care
Heat Treated
  • Better fatigue resistance
  • Increased Flexibility