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Prime Line w/ Optics - By MK-Dent
Prime Line w/ Optics - By MK-Dent
  • Manufactured by: MK-Dent (Germany)

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The Prime Line of MK-Dent does not only set a new quality standard, further is its sound potential unequaled. Even low speed instruments cannot match this noise level. In combination with a uniquely durable spindle, the Prime Line will meet your highest expectations. The use of a carbide insert, high concentricity, and a perfect balance will actually exceed your expectations. The ergonomic and light Prime-Grip is a guarantee for safe and efficient operation. The modular design allows for a cost effective maintenance of all parts.



  • Ceramic Ball Bearings: Longer durability compared to steel bearings.
  • Glass Rod Light Conductor: More than 40,000 LUX
  • Premium Spindle: Extreme durability through perfect concentricity and carbide insert.
  • Quiet: Even low speed handpieces cannot match this noise level
  • Spray System: Small Head Size - 3 Hole SprayPower Head - 4 Hole Spray
  • Intergrated Non-Return Valves: Prevents cross infection.
  • Push Button System: Safe and easy to handle.
  • Prime Grip: More Grip through anatomic structure and  material.
  • Pressure Reduction: Self-acting pressure reduction to 2,8bar at all Kavo* types
  • German Engineering: For superior quality of parts and assembly
  • Compatibility: Kavo*, W&H*, Sirona*, NSK*, Bien Air*



Click here to view a step by step guide to highspeed handpiece maintenance / lubrication.








Power: Adult Head: 20 Watts  / Small Head: 18 Watts

Turbine: Ceramic Push Button Auto-chuck

Spray System: Adult Head: 4-Port / Small Head: 3-Port

Accepts: Friction Grip Burs

Connection: Quick Disconnect - Available in: Kavo*, W&H*, Sirona*, NSK*, Bien Air*

Warranty: 1 Year

Autoclavable: Yes


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