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Meditorque Elite Straight (25k)



An Elite Class Of Lowspeed Dentistry


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Meditorque Elite Lowspeed Line   The Meditorque Elite lowspeed line is a new addition to the Medidenta catalog that can provide your office with consistent power and performance over a longer period of time.

Our goal is to provide reliable, everyday, workhorse handpieces capable of excelling at any task you require for your procedure.


25% More Power

Capable of delivering a smooth and powerful 25,000rpm, the new Meditorque Elite Straight handpiece offers more power than its predecessor.


360 Degree Swivel  

Maximizing comfort during use, the new Meditorque Elite Straight features an ergonomic body with a full 360° swivel reducing drag from the air line.

Titanium Finish The titanium finished shells are capable of withstanding the high demand of your office, preventing corrosion and scratches for long lasting operation.
1 Year Warranty Thanks to its strong and reliable build quality, we are able to back this handpiece with a 1 Year Warranty.




  • 25,000 RPM @ 42PSI
  • Titanium Finish
  • Forward + Reverse
  • 4-Hole Connection
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made in Japan




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