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Sonic MM1500
Sonic MM1500
  • Manufactured by: Micro-Mega (France)

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"It is imperative after the shaping of the canal is complete, to go back with the Sonic and disinfect the canal using sonic acoustic waves in less than one third of your time" - Dr. Kit Weathers - GA


All NiTi systems are excellent in creating crown down effects, but they do not irrigate or cleanse lateral canals. These canals are breeding grounds for bacteria, which in effect will increase post-op pain and inevitable retreatment.

The Sonic MM1500 will effectively cleanse the lateral canals with its cavitation effect, thus reducing post-op pain and recalls.



  • Coronal flaring 
  • Canal shaping
  • Solution irrigation
  • Cleansing
  • Remove an isthmus
  • Cavitate solution to clean lateral canals
  • Clean buccal and lingual extensions 

Click here to view the Sonic Maintenance / Instruction Sheet


Curious how the Sonic MM1500 compares to the industry's top competitors? Click here for an article by Dr. Ron Kaminer.



  • Handpiece
  • DVD
  • Lubrication Oil
  • Maintenance Instructions











Accepts: Sonic Files - Rispi Sonic, Shaper Sonic, Trio-Sonic, Retroprep

Bur Insert / Release: Pull Down Head

Connection: 4-Hole or 2-Hole

Warranty: 1 Year

Autoclavable: Yes



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