Stand/ Organizer Unit
Stand/ Organizer Unit

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These innovative caps with built-in Luer-Lock connectors allow for syringes to be filled directly from the bottle, eliminating the need of pouring solutions into containers beforehand.  This saves time, avoids spills, waste and keeps solutions fresh because bottles are not constantly opened and exposed to air.
Also included is the optional station that holds all the solution bottles, tips and filled syringes ready-to-go.

The solutions offered with Luer-Lock cap are: 6% Sodium Hypochlorite with surfactants, 17% EDTA and 2% Chlorhexidine.

5% Sodium Hydrochlorite Refill Bottle, 480ml - $43.60 :

17% EDTA Refill Bottle, 480 ml - $41.60:

95% Ethyl Alcohol Refill Bottle, 120 ml - $8.20:

2% chlorhexidine Refill Bottle, 480 ml - $43.60: