Turbo Torque

Turbo Torque 1400 (20 Watts)
Turbo Torque 1400 (20 Watts)
  • Model: TT1400

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The Turbo Torque Handpiece Line


Medidenta's new Turbo Torque handpiece line is the first of many additions to the 2015 Medidenta catalog. This handpiece line is setting a new Medidenta standard for superb quality and innovation.


We aim to compete with the big names in the handpiece industry such as NSK, KaVo, and many more. In order to do that, we are offering the same level of quality (if not better) at the best value, along with the welcoming customer service your office deserves.


Below you will find the complete specifications of the Turbo Torque handpieces. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. We would love to hear them!






The Turbo Torque Patented Technology:


The Turbo Torque offers an impressive 24 watts of power, among the highest in the industry. The patented design of airflow circulation allows the air to be guided by a special asymmetrical impeller and grooved backcap to speed up the exhaust airflow and reduce turbulence. This results in increased torque and constant speed, even under heavy load conditions.

1 > Air enters impeller

2 > Asymmetrical impeller guiding the airflow

3 > Special design of the back cap to guide the airflow

4 > Air quickly exits through exhaust port






  TT 2400 TT 2200 TT 1400 TT 1200
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year
Power 24 Watts 20 Watts 20 Watts 18 Watts
Speed (RPM) 300,000 350,000 300,000 350,000
Weight 56g 54g 42.5g 40.5g
Optics 25K Lux 25K Lux -- --
Head Height (mm) 13.7 12.5 13.7 12.5
Head Diameter (mm) 12.3 10.6 12.3 10.6
Bur Length Standard Standard Standard Standard
Coupling Type Multiplex Multiplex 4-Hole 4-Hole





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