UseFill Obturator Oven
UseFill Obturator Oven

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UseFill Cordless Obturator Oven


Cordless Obturation Heating In Only 3 Seconds

The unique hot air technology provides an extremely accurate and constant temperature. The heated air is squeezed 360° around the obturator, due to which the entire obturator reaches the desired temperature in nearly 3 seconds.
  • Cordless
  • Obturator ready in 3 seconds
  • Constant temperature
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Compatible with all obturator types and brands
Ultra Fast "Flash Heat" Technology
Now you can heat obturators faster and just-in-time using the UseFill Heater. Due to the Flash heat technology it takes 2 to 5 seconds to heat obturators depending on the sizes and material.
Benefit : Save time with 10x faster heating
Benefit : Higher treatment quality with just-in-time heating of obturators
Reliable and Constant Temperature
The UseFill Heater produces a reliable constant temperature. Due to this constant temperature, the flow characteristics of your filling are always the same. Thanks to this, you achieve a higher quality treatment.
Benefit : More reliable flow characteristics 
Benefit : More predictable results
First Cordless Obturator Heater
Put the cordless UseFill obturator heater where-ever you like. You are no longer bound by the length of the electrical cord. And no more risk of getting tangled. Set it beside you during treatment or let your assistant hold it nearby.
Benefit : More freedom to move
Benefit : Less risk caused by the wire


Use Stand-Alone In Cycles of 5 Minutes
When the UseFill Heater is charged, you can use it cordless in cycles of 5 minutes, while the temperature remains the same. At the end of a cycle the heater turns off by itself or you can press the power button for a new cycle.
Benefit : More freedom to move 
Benefit : Stand alone power during entire treatment
Intuitive Control and LED Status Bar
The default temperature produced by the UseFill obturator heater can be altered according to material and treatment method. Select one of five temperature settings by pressing the white button and you are ready to go.
Benefit : Temperature matching material and treatment method