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Medidenta’s “Dynacut” line of factory direct Operative, Trimming and Finishing, & Surgical Carbide burs are high quality to meet all of your needs. All of our dental carbides are made with patient safety and your comfort in mind, our carbides go through extensive quality validation to ensure they meet or exceed international standards. They are designed to prevent slippage of the tool during even the most delicate procedures.

Whether you practice General Dentistry or Endodontics, you can be sure to find the exact dental operative carbide to complement your practice and your work.

Shapes and sizes are similar to the Midwest™ style burs. Carbides are made in North America, of the highest quality of tungsten carbide available and include a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.



Medidenta guarantees your satisfaction of the DynaCut Burs or your money back. If you purchase a 100 pack of burs, you can use up to 5 burs before returning them for ALL your money back. If you purchase a 5 pack, you can use 1 bur before returning them for ALL your money back.

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