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CDC Regulations on handpieces

According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidelines, all Dental handpieces that connect and disconnect to an airline must be sterilized along with associated attachments once between each patient. While there are only select states currently the word is spreading, and more and more dental practitioners are moving towards complete compliance.  This recommendation is to include but not limited to high speed, low speed, surgical, along with nose cones and other attachments used with forced air. The recommendation is since if not properly sterilized, subsequent patients may be inadvertently exposed to potentially infectious and harmful material and contaminants.


Medidenta has a wide variety of solutions for your practice to meet the standards set forth on your state. With a wide variety of air driven hygiene, high speed, surgical and specialty items, we have you covered. While our quality meets the highest standard our longevity in the industry and control on manufacturing helps keep the costs down.  Whether you’re looking to stock up or just pick up one handpiece we have you covered.

From our Air King to our Air Free and our Turbo Torque to our Foresight Series high speeds all the way to surgical handpiece hygiene we have mastered innovation and quality that fits the needs in your practice.  We’ve got torque, speed, technology and price that is unmatched in the dental industry. Fully autclavable solutions that are designed to last long and perform day in and day out.  We also feature a wide array of attachments for those states where the CDC recommendation hasn’t become a law and/or you use electric or cordless components.

Like many other manufacturers and distributors, we sell a variety of handpieces however we own innovation and price. When you’re stocking up we have bundles designed to save you thousands, when you’re in need of repair our inhouse repair department is there for you, when you are looking for a quality made handpiece that can stand up to the rigorous autoclaving process Medidenta is the answer.


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