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Medidenta is proud to present the premium quality of Galil™ Diamond Burs. Medidenta’s Galil™ Multi-Use Diamond Burs are made in Israel, and combine 5 different levels of grit. We carry extra-fine through super coarse in over forty unique shapes. Choose from our selection of over two hundred diamonds to best matches your clinical needs.

For more than four decades, Galil™ has been manufacturing the highest quality diamond dental burs, selling to more than 40 countries worldwide. Galil™ diamond instruments are manufactured from pre-selected diamond grit in a variety of special shapes and sizes.

Medidenta’s Galil™ diamond burs, feature nickel-plated galvanic metal layers that bond inseparably to their stainless steel shaft, guaranteeing optimal grinding performance and long-life operation. A special alloy is added to ensure that the diamond does not separate from the shaft for superior durability to get you through your procedure without separation. The bonding of the stainless steel shank to the galvanized nickel plating and diamond is tested by a hammer impact to the finished bur to ensure its integrity and durability. Additionally, each individual Galil™ bur is 360° microscopically inspected to ensure diamond diameter precision, optimum concentricity, and reliable cutting, for all your intraoral cutting procedures.

Celebrating over 75 years providing innovation and superior quality to dental professionals we are proud to stand behind the Galil™ line up of diamond burs. Feel free to contact a representative to learn more about this highly rated brand of diamond burs.


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