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What is the Low Engagement Technique™ (L.E.T.)?

Education and a streamlined protocol give you the confidence to treat more endo patients in your practice.

Any professional needs, above all, motivation to achieve better training and increase success rates. In these times of seclusion and contact restrictions, our patients only turn to our services in extreme necessity situations that really require attention. Patients show up in pain, they’re leaving their safety zone, they want to come in right now! It’ll be absolutely fine if you correctly select the case and dedicate a little of your time to be educated in a streamlined protocol that will help you to solve at least 80% of the cases.

The Low Engagement Technique (LET) was conceived to establish a safety protocol based on dimensions of the root canal in different sections calculated by recent micro CT studies. LET is a morphology-based protocol of NiTi heat-treated rotary files with different tapers. With a little number of instruments in sequence, an ideal apical enlargement can be achieved with low apical pressure load and maximum safety.

Learn About The Suggested Use (based on average morphology):

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Dr.Carlos Spironelli Ramos

Dr.Carlos Spironelli Ramos

Clinical Affairs Director at Medidenta

 Dr. Carlos Spironelli Ramos has been involved in teaching, researching, and developing products in endodontics for over 25 years. He has earned his master, and Ph.D. in endodontics, and was the head of the endodontics department at Londrina State University in Brazil for 18 years, before moving to the United States in 2012. He speaks 3 languages and has lectured on almost every continent in the world. Dr. Ramos’s passion is education, having written books, book chapters, and numerous articles and research papers on different platforms. Also, he developed and published 3 international patents related to different current devices and techniques in the endodontic arena, such as apex locator, reciprocation movement, and ultrasonic irrigation. Streamlined endodontic protocols are its most prevalent presentations’ theme. Dr. Ramos lives with his family in Las Vegas, Nevada. He currently is the Clinical Affairs Director of Medidenta.

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