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One of my favorite quotes by einstein reads:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of
Thinking that created them.”

To me, einstein explains it is inconceivable that we could find the answers we need while being on the same level of consciousness in which we see such things as a problem. I feel that I am exceedingly fortunate because I have a very satisfying and inspiring job where my first mission is to find answers to the challenges faced by endodontists and clinicians on their daily endo practice.

After nearly 25 years of performing root canal treatments in my office and having been a professor of endodontics at a university, conducted research and lectured in so many different places, now my task is to use technology not only to improve the quality of the endodontic treatment but to make it accessible to all who are willing to carry it out responsibly using proper training and accurate technique.

In these difficult times we need to create solutions that are suitable from a practical and financial point of view. When I took on the position of director of Medidenta’s clinical affairs, i made it my firm intention to bring solutions of proven quality at a cost fitting to a new, challenging, ever-changing reality for everyone.

Seeing the answer allows your mind to clear- free from extraneous thinking, as einstein told us, our problems will be solved not only because we are better educated and trained, but because when doing something you love, you acquire new insight or a new idea. This translates, plain and simple, to what I am passionately doing now! 

Dr. Carlos Spironelli Ramos | DDS, MS, PHD

Dr. Carlos Spironelli Ramos | DDS, MS, PHD

Director Clinical Affairs

Dr.Carlos Spironelli Ramos is an endodontist and completed an endodontics PhD program (1997), the same year he published his first book. He was the head of endodontics department at the State University of Londrina. During this time, he published three books and wrote more than a dozen chapters for various endodontics books. He is an international speaker in endodontics, presenting lectures, hands-on workshops, and conferences worldwide each year. Dr. Ramos lives in U.S. since 2012 and he is the Clinical Affairs Director at Medidenta.

Medidenta’s M-Endo Suitable Endodontics signifies “the right thing in endodontics”. Suitable stands for accurate, proper, legitimate, and fair. The accurate manufacturing and state-of-the-art heat treatment process, making the resulted file efficient and flexible; the proper technique, with each product presentation being followed by a simplified streamlined technique for each case challenge in endodontics; a legitimate education process, a tutoring direct line to help the dentist in any clinical endodontic case; and fair price, affordable fitting price equalized by the new norm.

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