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12% HP Deluxe Take Home Whitening Syringe (Refill)


Whiter Image’s premium teeth whitening treatment created by a team of industry leading dental experts and scientists. Extraordinarily powerful teeth whitening formula from home with no discomfort or sensitivity. Our Take-Home treatment is perfect for those who want fast and effective results from home. The Take-Home Treatment is a daily teeth whitening treatment performed in 12-15 minutes. Patented, powerfull, and highly effective Hydrogen Peroxide teeth whitening formula.

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Whiter Image’s premium teeth whitening treatment created by a team of industry leading dental experts and scientists. 12% Hydrogen Peroxide, an exceptionally strong teeth whitening formula for Take-Home treatment. Responsibly sourced professional grade ingredients combined with the latest patented technologies provide the best and most effective teeth whitening experience from your own home. 12% Hydrogen Peroxide provides powerful whitening guaranteeing fast and highly effective teeth whitening from home. The Potassium Nitrate in our In-Office Whitening Gel nullifies sensitivity and discomfort. This ensures that even people with the most sensitive teeth are able to take advantage of the most effective teeth whitening solution without fear or discomfort. Our patented Dual-Activation Technology is designed for the best teeth whitening results and comfort for both patient and doctor. Advanced and easy to use mixing tip provides chemical activation right before each use ensuring the greatest effect on teeth whitening during each treatment and eliminates any premixing procedures. No LED light is required. A single 12%HP In-Office Whitening Gel Syringe will provide four 15 minute treatments.

Contents / Ingredients


1 x Whiter Image dual-chamber take-home syringe


All our products are gluten free, Veagan Friendly and Responsibly Sourced.

Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Hydrogen peroxide, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint Oil), Polyacrylic Acid, Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Fluoride.



(Use with Custom Silicone Tray) Bite down gently on the silicone tray to make teeth impressions and open mouth slowly to remove. Remove the cap from a syringe and screw in the mixing tip. Apply a thin strip of gel along the entire impressions in the upper and lower arch of the tray. Unscrew and discard the mixing tip immediately after use, and screw in a new mixing tip. Place the tray in your mouth and wear daily for 12-15 minutes for 5-7 days. Repeat as needed for desired results. Wash, dry, and store the tray in the case between uses.


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