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Air Free 90 Titan


In 2016, Medidenta innovated ortho debonding with its Air Free highspeed handpiece. The only Air-Free highspeed on the market that took the ortho world by storm, by eliminating sensitivity in debanding procedures.  While it continues to be a massive success in that market, today’s COVID pandemic is unraveling the benefits of reduced aerosol formation during all procedures. Removing air from the site cuts out the added air to the water, therefore, minimizing the aerosol formation. 

The Pioneer in Patient & Office Safety. 



Eliminate air sensitivity and patient discomfort during removal of bonding adhesive (i.e. Invisalign attachments)
Reduced child patient sensitivity for a faster and more comfortable procedure.
General Dentistry
Reduced sensitivity and discomfort for patients. Ideal for patients with gingivitis or hypersensitivity.


  Air-Free 360° Swivel Coupler   The Air-Free 90° Titan may only be used with the Air-Free Titan Coupler, which provides a quick disconnect from your air line and offers a 360° swivel for smooth maneuverability.
  Lightweight   The Air-Free 90° Titan is constructed by lightweight, high strength, pure titanium. weighing 2oz the Air-free 90° Titan provides better balance and reduces wrist fatigue.
  18 Watts of Power Capable of extreme power, delivering 18 watts of constant torque for consistent cutting power even under the heavy load conditions. The patented chuck design works to grip the bur tighter as the RPMs increase to minimize the risk of bur slippage and ensure patient safety.
   Air Free Oral Cavity All air is vented through pilot holes located in the specially designed quick disconnect coupler
  Titanium shell This titanium shell provides scratch, stain, and corrosion resistance against the damaging effects of heat sterilization.
  Ceramic Bearings Ceramic Bearings to extend the life of your handpiece.
  Warranty This handpiece offers a 1 year warranty.
  Made in USA  


         Air Free 90° Titan Air Free 90° Standard Head Air Free 90° Power Head
  Warranty 1 Year 1 Year  1 Year
  Power 18 Watts 18 Watts  20 Watts
  Speed (RPM) 400,000 400,000  400,000
  Weight 69.8g 69.8g  71g
  Optics No No  No
  Head Height (mm) 13.6 13.6  14.0
  Head Diameter (mm) 10.61 10.61  12.3
  Bur Length Standard Standard  Standard
  Coupling Type Quick Disconnect 4-Hole  4-Hole



Ortho-Handpieces Instructions For Use: Air-Free-Standard-Head-IFU Maintenance: Highspeed Handpiece Maintenance & Lubrication


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