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CDC Bundle #3


5x- Turbo Torque 1000 Series – Office Workhorse

5x- Prophy Pro Elite Lube Free Hygienist Handpiece

BONUS- 100 Pack Operative Burs!



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Prophy Pro


Lighter, Shorter, and Quieter than before!

  • Extremely quiet, minimizing patient anxiety
  • Compatible with nearly all disposable prophy angles
  • Lube free motor for no maintenance
  • Made In Japan
  • 360 Degree swivel
  • Friction grip chuck


Rpm: 5,000 (Forward)

Swivel:  Yes

Accepts:Prophy Angles

Prophy Angle Insert / Release:Friction Grip


Warranty:1 Year


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Turbo Torque 1000 Series

Turbo Torque Patented Technology The patented design of airflow circulation allows the air to be guided by a special asymmetrical impeller and grooved backcap to speed up the exhaust airflow and reduce turbulence. This results in increased torque and constant speed, even under heavy load conditions.

1 > Air enters impeller

2 > Asymmetrical impeller guiding the airflow

3 > Special design of the back cap to guide the airflow

4 > Air quickly exits through exhaust port

High Retention Chuck The patented chuck design works to grip the bur tighter Capable of holding up to 10lbs (over 40N) eliminating the risk of bur slippage ensuring patient and doctor safety.
20 Watts of Power Offering an impressive 20 watts of power allowing you to cut smoothly and confidently without any bog down.
Three Port Water Spray Ensuring that the bur and working site are properly cooled during the procedure.
Ceramic Bearings Ceramic Bearings to extend the life of your handpiece.


TT 1400 TT 1200
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Power 20 Watts 18 Watts
Speed (RPM) 300,000 350,000
Weight 42.5g 40.5g
Head Height (mm) 13.7 12.5
Head Diameter (mm) 12.3 10.6
Bur Length Standard Standard
Coupling Type 4-Hole 4-Hole


Instructions For use: 





Highspeed Handpiece Maintenance & Lubrication


Dynacut Burs

Medidenta’s “Dynacut” line of factory direct Operative, Trimming and Finishing, & Surgical Carbide burs are high quality to meet all of your needs. All of our dental carbides are made with patient safety and your comfort in mind, our carbides go through extensive quality validation to ensure they meet or exceed international standards. They are designed to prevent slippage of the tool during even the most delicate procedures.

Whether you practice General Dentistry or Endodontics, you can be sure to find the exact dental operative carbide to complement your practice and your work.

Shapes and sizes are similar to the Midwest™ style burs. Carbides are made in North America, of the highest quality of tungsten carbide available and include a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Medidenta guarantees your satisfaction of the DynaCut Burs or your money back. If you purchase a 100 pack of burs, you can use up to 5 burs before returning them for ALL your money back. If you purchase a 5 pack, you can use 1 bur before returning them for ALL your money back.



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