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Disposable MTA Carriers


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These disposable MTA carriers are designed to deliver MTA directly to the apex of the root canal and come individually pouched. They can also be used for a broad range of clinical MTA applications, including internal perforation repairs to root end fillings.
The disposable carriers allow for less waste of MTA material and the elimination of the need to clean instruments that may become clogged as the MTA material quickly hardens during procedures.


  • Reduce waste of MTA material
  • Saves time by eliminating instrument cleaning
  • Delivers MTA directly to the apex of the root canal
  • Use for a broad range of clinical MTA application
  • Bendable cannula



Sizes Available:

0.80mm (10 Pack)

0.99mm (10 Pack)

1.60mm (10 Pack)

Assorted 10 Pack: 4x- 0.80mm, 3x- 0.99mm, 3x- 1.60mm



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