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Lowspeed Debonding Kit



An Elite Class Of Lowspeed Dentistry

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This bundle offers Dental Assistants the ability to complete the debonding process* on patients without sensitivity. While using this lowspeed hanpiece compatible with friction grip burs up to 25K RPMs. Included in this Bundle you will find a Meditorque Elite motor (25K) and an Elite push button friction grip contra angle (40K).   * This only applies to the regions that allow assistants to complete the debonding procedure. Please check your local regulations.


Titanium Finish The titanium finished shells are capable of withstanding the high demand of your office, preventing corrosion and scratches for long lasting operation.
1 Year Warranty Thanks to its strong and reliable build quality, we are able to back this handpiece with a 1 Year Warranty.
 25% More Power  
Capable of delivering a smooth and powerful 25,000rpm, the new Meditorque Elite lowspeed line offers more power than most ‘E’ type motors on the market.
Made In Japan  



Meditorque Elite Motor (25K)

RPM:25,000 RPM @ 42PSI
Accepts:ISO E-Type Attachments
Back-End Connection:ISO 4-Hole
Autoclavable:Yes, Max 275°F
Drive ratio:1:1 transmission
Allowable max.speed: 25,000 rpm at 42 psi
Nose:ISO E-type
Backend:ISO 4-hole type
Sterilization:Autoclavable up to 275 degees
Warranty:1 Year
Country of Origin:Japan

Elite Push Button Friction Grip Contra Angle (40K)

Max Rpm: 40,000

Ratio: 1:1

Accepts: Friction Grip Burs

Bur Insert / Release: Push Button

Connection: E-Type

Warranty: 6 Months

Autoclavable: Yes


Elite_Lowspeed_Series Contra Angle: Instructions For Use Elite Motor: Instructions For use


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