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M-Fill Thermal Obturators (GPC)


Each Pack comes with 5 Carriers and 1 Verifier. 



NEW from Medidenta are the easy to use M-Fill PC (plastic carrier) and M-Fill GPC (gutta-percha carrier) thermal obturators.  Featuring the best level of precision, performance, and radiopacity; both types can be used to obturate any constant or variable .04 to .10 tapered canal ISO size 20 to 50.
M-Fill’s heated alpha-phase gutta percha provides excellent precise canal filling. The coating is designed for easier cleanup and improved placement accuracy. M-Fill obturators are highly radiopaque and compatible for use in the most popular gutta percha obturator ovens. The M-Fill Verifiers makes precise sizing fast and easy.


The M-Fill GPC and Gutta Percha Carriers offer the added benefit of making post space preparation easy.
  • Calibration rings facilitates setting working length.
  • Works with your current obturator oven at the same settings.
  • Easy to get 3D fills for all canal types.
  • ISO-sized system for compatibility.


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