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ANY Handpiece Type, Make or Model Can Be Traded In For 50% OFF** Retail

Kavo • NSK • ProphyPal • Young • Lares • A1 • Adec • Bien Air • DCI • Prophy Genie • Integrity • Hu-Friedy • J.Morita • Midwest • Premier • RDH Freedom • PLUS MORE!


Kavo™, NSK™, ProphyPal™, Young™, Lares™, A1™, Adec™, Bien Air™, DCI™, Prophy Genie™, Integrity™, Hu-Friedy™, J.Morita™, Midwest™, Premier™, RDH Freedom™ Are are all trademarks of their respective holders. Use of their name does not imply any affiliation or endorsement from them. o

* 50% Off Discount Will Be Applied Towards The Full Retail Value Of A New Handpiece. The Discount Will Be Applied To Each New Handpiece For Each Handpiece Sent In. This Offer Cannot Be Stacked Or Combined With Other Discounts Or Coupons. Offer Excludes Electric Handpieces

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